Egg Loaders


FROM 30.000 TO 60.000 EGGS/H


30.000 - 60.000 eggs/h

Infeed Rows

Single tray - Stack

Power Consumption

1,5kw +
2,5kw / line


Capacities from 30.000 to 60.000 eggs/hour, with layouts adaptable to
the existing spaces and to the different working flows. With single or double
loading head, they can be linked to each other to reach the perfect configuration
for the client. Following Sime-Tek’s core values, they guarantee the maximum
efficiency, safety and adaptability, while keeping the investment low.

Dimensions and layouts

The layouts shown are for illustrative purposes only and represent only
some of the configurations available.
For a customized layout, please contact one of our representatives.


Layouts 1

Overall dimensions: 2390 x 2990 cm
: 2390 x 2990 cm

Layouts 2

Overall dimensions: 1540 x 2750 cm
Loaders: 1540 x 2750 cm

Layouts 3

Overall dimensions: 1060 x 4070 cm
Loaders: 1060 x 4070 cm

Layouts 4

Overall dimensions: 1590 x 5750 cm
Loaders: 1590 x 5750 cm

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