Certified Second Hand

Routinely we have available some of our second-hand models. With the refurbishing
process our technicians go through the whole machine to check for correct functioning
and check the state of each component.

We make any adjustments or replacements needed, and we give the standard
1-year warranty on our second-hand equipment, exactly like the new ones.


Complete check-up of the machine to verify the
correction operation of all the systems

Complete replacement of all the
mechanical worn out parts

Complete warranty like
on new machines

Operational tests in our factory and complete
installation and training at your location

Some examples

used egg grader

Sirio 36 w/ 6 Packing Lines
Year 2008

  • 1 Stacker inline
  • 6 Closing systems
  • Left-hand configuration
  • Possible upgrade to 45.000
  • 1 year warranty
  • Extra quantity of spare parts

Sirio 45 w/ 8 Packing Lines
Year 2015

  • 1 Stacker inline
  • 8 Closing systems
  • Right-hand configuration
  • 1 year warranty
  • Extra quantity of spare parts

What are you looking for?

Our certified second hand machines are the perfect opportunity to
automate egg grading/packing, and spend less than the new.

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