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Fattoria SoldanoVibo Valencia – Italia

“Fattoria Soldano was founded as a poultry farm in the early 1980s. Today we operate a farm with approximately 100,000 laying hens. Over the years, we have distinguished our business with the continuous search for new poultry production management technologies. In 2001 we first partnered with Sime-Tek to purchase a Vega 18 machine and in 2016 we installed a Sirius 45 machine, benefitting from the high customization capabilities of the systems. Sime-Tek has in fact been able to supply a special vertical denester for small production batches, based on our specific needs.”

Maurizio Soldano

A.I.B.A. CompanyDurazzo – Albania

“With the purchase of an Orion 25 system in 2003, our company was the first in Albania to have an egg grader system with automatic packing and electronic weighing capabilities. Characterized by high productivity, the Orion has proved to be a reliable, safe and highly efficient system over time. The need for on-site assistance has in fact been very rare since the system was originally installed to today, and very few replacement have been required.”

Ing. Muhamed Haxhiu

OvoconceptPloufragran – Francia

“Our partnership with Sime-Tek, initiated in 2009, has been a synergistic and profitable working relationship. In collaboration with the Italian company, we distributed 41 egg processing systems to different countries around the world including New Caledonia, Tahiti, Martinique, Ivory Coast, Algeria and Egypt. The combination of Sime-Tek graders/packers with our robotic palletizing systems has been a winning choice, providing our customers with comprehensive and cutting-edge technological solutions in the poultry production sector.”

Jean Louis Lezoraine

Cortis CristopherSiggiewi – Malta

“Sime-Tek engineers have been able to adapt a very small space – where a manual grader was located before – for the installation of a Vega 16 automatic grader with 3 packing lines. The Sime-Tek system has represented a great leap forward in terms of technological development of the company, with a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.”

Cortis Cristopher

Toneli groupBucarest – Romania

“For the Toneli Group Sime-Tek represents a loyal and reliable partner, with a relationship based on respect and mutual trust developed through years of collaboration. We pride ourselves on the distribution in Romania of several graders and packers, both dependable and durable. Thanks to a precise design, Sime-Tek ensured the systems are easy to manage and maintain, with maintenance carried out by local plant personnel.”

Georges Khoury

AgroaveCòrdoba – Argentina

“The distance between Italy and Argentina is irrelevant when it comes to Sime-Tek. Undoubtedly one of the company’s key strong points is the extraordinary simplicity in terms of use and maintenance, together with highly knowledgable and competent telephone support. Our staff is fully able to resolve any problem independently and without the need for site visits.”

Raul Alberto Stroscio

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