We strive to inspire and be inspired
by the people we work with

so that every poultry operator can achieve optimal production standards
and better quality in their everyday work.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop easy-to-use and reliable egg handling solutions,
which ensure seamless, continuous and safe production processes,
customized for small and medium sized systems.

Eggs are the most
natural thing in the world.
And your work to produce them
should be too.

For more than twenty-five years we’ve been sharing
our expertise with poultry producers with an ambitious
goal: increase your productivity and improve your grading
and packing processes.

Artisan input, industrial output

We are inspired by Italy’s leadership in the poultry industry, our customers and
partners. Our approach is tailor-made for each and every one of our
: every machine is designed to take into account the space you have
available and your ideal production workflows, and gets tested in advance
before delivery.

We can build the right system for your needs.

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Performance that lasts

We help people in the poultry industry to reach and
maintain the highest performance standards over time,
while keeping the lowest operational costs.

Extra kit,
extra performance

Standard, easy-to-find components and a ready
supply of spare parts included with each of our
machines mean that you get a great return on
investment over time and you won’t need to call
anybody out to help with any future maintenance.

See you again in twenty years:
that’s a promise

Our technicians will come and set up your
system for you, give your staff all the training
they need and answer any queries or
questions straight away. All in just one visit.
After that, you won’t really need us for
after-sales support but we’ll always be available
for you because we like to keep in touch
with our customers.

A chain that can
never stop

The food supply chain, especially when it involves eggs,
works as a continuous, uninterrupted cycle to meet the
ever-increasing demand from the market. To meet this
demand, Sime-Tek’s pre-egg experience in the world of
textiles comes in handy. Reliable, highly efficient
machines, which are intuitive to use right from the
get-go, guarantee production that is free from downtime,
an immediate return on investment and real reductions
in costs.

Italian passion for innovation


Sime-Tek begins manufacturing
egg handling machinery, following
four core concepts: reliability,
usability, modularity,


Sime-Tek is the first one to introduce
Electronic Weighing on small/medium
sized systems (10.000 eggs/hour).
The grading process is 10 times more
precise for a more accurate definition
of weight categories.


Sime-Tek introduces in-line
sealers. Reduced footprint,
optimized times and costs of
packaging for the final customer.


Sime-Tek creates new mobile solutions.
Thanks to the mobility, operators can
use the same machine for collecting from
different conveyors.


With Flashpack 80 & Sirio 90 Sime-Tek
introduces the concept of double system.
The double system increases the efficiency
by guaranteeing a continuous production.


Sime-Tek is the first one to install
automatic candling on farmpackers.
This system reduces the labor costs
during the collection process.


In 2013 Sime-Tek starts providing
remote technical assistance.
Free-of-charge for the customer,
guarantees a timely solution to every
technical problem.


Sime-Tek further reduces the
footprint of its systems with Minigrad
and Minipack, to better serve the new era
of poultry production, following the
trends of smaller, organic, and free-range farms.


Sime-Tek expands its offering by adding
collaborative robots to its product line.
With collaborative robots, 
sized farms can automate their production
process like the big collection centers.

We take care of your eggs

Thanks to our background in textiles, we know the importance of precision
and the gentle touch: two essentials when it comes to a product as fragile
as yours. Our systems are even gentler than the human hand, and guarantee
a safe and precise handling of your eggs.

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