Egg graders

Sime-Tek graders are easy-to-use, reliable, versatile and modern,
and offer a complete automatization of the production process:
from loading, to candling, weighing (up to 8-12 categories),
data and statistics report, and packing in every type of package and tray.
They’re built with a modular concept, and can be customized to
provide every customer with a tailor-made solution, specific to his/her
unique needs and situation.


Simplicity of the design selection

for continuous efficiency,
ease of use and quick maintenance.

Configuration modularity

to adapt the machine to any
work environment.


Augmentable productive capacity

to adapt to growing business needs.

Modular plc-s and certified electronic components

for greater reliability, flexibility,
expandability and duration over time.


Looking for something else?

Our machines are completely modular and fully customizable. Every system is unique and
tailor-made to your specific needs. Call us to discover more.

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