Keep it simple
for eggs

The most reliable egg machines in the industry

Our mission

Our mission is to develop easy-to-use and reliable egg handling solutions,
which ensure seamless, continuous and safe production processes, customized for
small and medium sized systems.

Eggs are the most natural
thing in the world. And your
work to produce them
should be too.

How we work

For more than twenty-five years we’ve been sharing
our expertise with poultry producers with an ambitious
goal: increase your productivity and improve your grading
and packing processes.

Sime-Tek’s technological research and innovative designs
create intuitive, easy-to-use systems which seamlessly
integrate with your existing processes and other equipment.

Highest efficiency at the lowest operational cost

Simple mechanical functioning
for quick and DIY maintenance.

Free lifetime remote support.

Standard parts for local availability.

Working concept that prioritizes
efficiency and non-stop workflow.


Custom solutions

We can have the right solution for your project.
Contact us and let's discuss it together.

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