Italian passion for eggs

For more than thirty years, mechanical and electronic development, technological research and design innovation have been the basis of our daily work.

A solid experience offered to operators looking to acquire functional and high quality egg graders and packers.Italian intelligence, style, quality construction and timely service are the key factors that have allowed us to become a European leader in designing and manufacturing small and medium sized systems.

Custom Systems

Sime-Tek with its customized projects has the best individual solution to every client, providing optimal configurations in terms of footprint and usability.

Every project starts from the indication of the client and his/her needs.

A Sime-Tek expert will guide you throughout your project, analyzing carefully the right solution for YOUR situation, providing different layouts/configurations.

A collaboration that will provide a tailor-made system; a unique and optimal solution, aligned with your production and space needs.


100% made in Italy


The use of top-quality raw materials and certified components, a construction process that involves several checks with specific testing, and all-Italian design solutions are the key factors that guarantee the highest quality for our systems.

Thanks to the extreme reliability and efficiency over time of our solutions, the need for special maintenance for component breakdowns or malfunctions is practically eliminated.

This is why we still have the best price-quality in our range.


Sime-Tek can count on a team of specialized operators, where the experience of our senior technicians and the dynamism of our younger guys blends together creating a synergy that guarantees a reliable service and an innovative approach.

We are always involved: from the construction, where every technician contributes to the assembly of the machine; the testing, always carried out before delivering the system; the installation and the service assistance, where the personal approach of our technician really makes us different.

The client always has someone to rely on in case of necessity and the guarantee that troubles will be solved in the shortest time possible.


by your side


Thanks to the simplicity of our systems and their intuitive functioning, every operator can manage Sime-Tek’s systems without the need of assistance.

Sime-Tek’s vision has always been to allow the customer to operate the machines in complete autonomy.

We believe that the secret to customer’s satisfaction in this industry, is to give them the possibility to operate in total autonomy, without the need of constant service or maintenance from us.

Our specialized service technicians are always available for on-site assistance, in case troubles cannot be fixed remotely.


For each new installation, Sime-Tek offers an on-site training service for operators who use our systems.

The courses, taught by our specialized technicians guarantee that the personnel is adequately trained to operate and maintain the equipment, and that any questions or problems are addressed from the beginning.

At the end of the course, the operators can independently manage the system.

With each machine, we also ship a special ‘S.O.S. Box’ with a number of mechanical and electronical spare parts, so that the operator can carry out the routine maintenance autonomously, and fix any possible trouble without the need of special assistance.


Sime-Tek is close to its customers around the world, thanks to its technicians who can intervene directly if needed or via an online remote service.

The systems are equipped with a remote connection with the Italian office which, via webcam and a modem with a SIM card (if an internet connection is not available),can monitor the systems, immediately identifying mechanical or electrical problems, communicating or activating the right solution in real time.


Present in 5 continents

Sime-Tek business activities are open to every country around the world.

In addition to the close proximity to customers guaranteed by our digital monitoring system, our technical and commercial operators are always on the road to ensure a direct presence in the various production sites and to provide an effective and timely service.

We also take part in major trade fairs in the sector, with a focus and commitment on promoting the value of “Made inItaly” in the manufacturing and mechanical sectors.


We anticipate the future

Thanks to the current attention paid to animal welfare, we are witnessing a revolution in the way poultry farming is regarded: recent trends favor farms with “free-range” animal premises, instead of massive large-scale solutions.
A revolution that sees Sime-Tek ready to provide flexible small to medium sized systems with smaller machines, increasingly more compact and more affordable even for small production quantities, ideal for tight spaces while operating with the highest degree of automation.
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