Sime-Tek offers its systems in “turnkey” solutions, meaning that the customer does not need to worry about anything.
Our technicians take care of everything: from the installation to the start-up of the machine, from training the personnel, to recommending special logistical solutions, everything is aimed at a more effective and efficient use of the machines.


For each new installation, Sime-Tek offers an on-site training service for operators who use our systems.
The courses, taught by our specialized technicians guarantee that the personnel is adequately trained to operate and maintain the equipment, and that any questions or problems are addressed from the beginning.
At the end of the course, the operators can independently manage the system.


All Sime-Tek systems are supplied with installation, use and maintenance manuals.
The manuals are easy to understand and clearly illustrate how to operate the machine, with stepby-step explanation of how to solve problems or anomalies.


Sime-Tek is close to its customers around the world, thanks to operators who can intervene directly if needed or via an online remote service.
The graders and packers can be provided with a remote connection with the Italian office which, via a webcam and a modem with a SIM card (if an internet connection is not available), can monitor the systems, immediately identifying mechanical or electrical problems, communicating or activating the right solution in real time.

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