Since its beginning in the poultry industry in 1995, Sime-Tek thanks to the Italian passion for innovation has been a key player in servicing small and medium sized poultry businesses.

Today, after more than 20 years of innovation and technological development, Sime-Tek is still a worldwide leader for the production of small and medium sized systems.

Sime-Tek begins manufacturing egg handling machinery, following four core concepts: Reliability, Usability, Modularity, Customization. The result are easy-to-operate systems with simplified components, which are tailor-made, expandable and upgradable.


Sime-Tek is the first one to introduce Electronic Weighing on small/medium sized systems (10.000 eggs/hour). The grading process is 10 times more precise for a more accurate definition of weight categories.


Sime-Tek introduces in-line sealers. Reduced footprint, optimized times and costs of packaging for the final customer.


Sime-Tek creates new mobile solutions. Thanks to the mobility, operators can use the same machine for collecting from
different conveyors.


With Flashpack 80 & Sirio 90 Sime-Tek introduces the concept of double system. The double system increases the efficiency by guaranteeing a continuous production and give the operator the possibility of managing different productions separately.


Sime-Tek is the first one to install automatic candling on farmpackers.
This system reduces the labor costs during the collection process.


In 2013 Sime-Tek starts providing remote technical assistance.
Free-of-charge for the customer, guarantees a timely solution to every technical problem.


Sime-Tek further reduces the footprint of its systems with Minigrad and Minipack, to better serve the new era of poultry production, following the trends of smaller, organic, and free-range farms.


Sime-Tek expands its offering by adding collaborative robots to its product line.
With collaborative robots,
small/medium sized farms can automate their production process like the big collection centers.

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